Western Explorer Unit  




Camping programme for Summer / Autumn 2016
11th - 12th June (Sat / Sun) Hellens Car-Parking fund-raiser No charge, run by Paul Bennett

Overnight Backwoods Camp, look out for the OSM invitation


25-26th June Forest of Dean Cycling Camp Estimated £25
8th -10th July  Unsupported walk expedition (Herefordshire trail)     Self catering so only campsite costs to cover
27th July Anna’s Birthday backwoods Camp  Free courtesy of Anna’s parents
18th -21st August  Wye Kayaking Camp Estimated £50
18th – 20th November  Camp Cockerel Cost TBC

Can you please let me know ASAP which camps you wish to attend as I need to work out logistics.  £10 deposit and consent form is required for each camp please.

Parental help will be required for transport to and from camps and may be needed during.  The cycling camp is particularly short staffed with leaders and help would be appreciated.  Without help we may have to restrict numbers able to attend.

 Any Ex Explorers wishing to attend who are over 18 will need to be CRB checked before the camp and will attend on the basis of being occasional helpers.


Some activities may be swapped or changed, keep watching this space.

Many thanks,

Stuart, Paul & Doc




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