Gift Aid F.A.Q.s



1. Is a Gift Aid declaration complicated?

No. It is very simple and only requires you to declare that you want your subscriptions and donations to be treated as Gift Aid payments.


2.. Do I have to completer a separate declaration for each of my children

within the Group ?

No. One declaration covers all payments that you make, including all their subscriptions. However, to simplify our administration, it is easier for us to have a separate form for each child.


3. Will I have to reveal any personal tax or income information ?

No. All that is needed is your name and address, that you want your subscriptions and donations to be treated as Gift Aid payments, and confirmation that you pay as much or more income tax than the Group will reclaim.


4. Will it cost me anything extra ?

No. The Group simply claims back the tax that would otherwise have gone

to the tax man. We can then use this money to help to keep our

subscriptions lower, and to improve our Scouting programme.


5. What will I have to do in the future ?

Nothing except to notify the Group if you change your name or address, or

would no longer be able to confirm the declaration with respect to the

amount of tax that you pay.


6.. What happens if my child moves up to another section?

Nothing, as the declaration covers payments to the Group, and the amount

paid is not specified. However, when your child progresses to the Explorer

Unit, a fresh Gift Aid Declaration will be needed, as the Explorer Unit is

administratively part of the Scout District.


7. What happens if I stop paying tax ?

If you stop paying tax or have paid insufficient tax to cover the amount that

the group will be claiming back, you should inform the Scout Group

Treasurer, who will then not make a claim for your payments.


8. What happens if my child leaves the Group ?

Nothing in the Gift Aid declaration is a commitment by you to pay anything,

therefore the Group will only claim back tax on the payments that you made

for the time that your child was in the Group.


9. If I am a higher rate tax payer, can I claim back extra tax ?

Yes. Although the Group can only claim back tax at the standard tax rate,

higher rate taxpayers can claim back the difference between the two rates

as relief on their tax return.