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Patrol Challenge Cup

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  Starting in January 2011 1st Ledbury scouts will now be competing in our inter-patrol challenge cup.

The challenge will start at the beginning of the year and will run until we finish for Christmas. It will be based a bit like the house points that you have in schools.

  Points can be awarded for :  
  Participating in activities, events.

Winning events, games and challenges.

Attendance and smart dress and behaviour

Commitment, thoughtfulness, common sense and leadership.


  Points can be deducted for:

Bad behaviour,

  Poor uniform standard  
  Not participating in extra events to support the group


  At the end of the year we will give the winning patrol the patrol cup which they keep for 1 year and will have the winning patrols name engraved on it with the year that they have won it.  
  All scouts will easily win their patrol plenty of points during the year. It's up to the patrol leaders / seconds to ensure that members don't lose points.  
  Points start accruing on 18th January 2011