Highest score on the last meeting before Christmas holidays wins.

Attendance has been calculated at 5 points per meeting. If you attend all 15 meetings this term I will add an extra 100 points, per person who achieves it to your patrols score for not missing a session.

  Bulldogs Tigers Hawks  
Score 1420



  Last update 20th November 2017



Uniformed Scout Leaders. Please ask your parents if they are interested in helping and keeping the section open. Free Uniform and training.


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This Terms badge project, to be done as homework. This is not compulsory, you do not have to do it, no one will hassle you for it.

Meteorologist Activity Badge


How to earn your badge

  1. Explain how each of these are measured:
    • wind force and direction
    • cloud type and extent
    • temperature
    • pressure
    • rainfall
    • humidity.
  2. Record the weather conditions every day for two weeks. Use equipment like a rain gauge or an outdoor thermometer.
  3. Identify different cloud types. How are they formed?
  4. What do ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ air masses in summer and winter do to the typical weather in your area? Note down the effects of land and sea.
  5. Explain how synoptic weather maps are produced. Show you can
    understand a map, with fronts and isobars, similar to those on television and in newspapers. How do the measurements in step 1 relate to the map?
  6. Understand the effects of hypothermia and heat exhaustion. How do temperature, wind and water affect the human body?

Do NOT copy and paste directly off the Internet. Use you own words/experiences.



Scout programme for AUTUMN 2017

  Bring with you Dress Code Venue / Time Run by
Friday 25th May - Sunday 27th May District Camp @ Warren Oak

Details later

Lots of activities

See kit list

Bring cake!

Warren Oak

from 18:00

29th May Half Term - No Scouts      
5th June Hellens Prep & Cook -out Old clothes with neckers HQ 7:15pm All
Saturday & Sunday 9-10th June Hellens, Garden Festival, Car-Parking and Stewarding duties with camp out See kitlist Hellens Manor Driveway Saturday from 8:30am All
Tuesday 12th June No Scouts - After long Hellens weekend      
Tuesday 19th June River Walk Old clothes, Bring a spare set and a black bin bag Homebase CP 7:15pm All
Saturday 23rd June Night Hike and sleep-over Uniform shirts & Neckers HQ TIME TBC All
Tuesday 26th


Capture the flag - Wide Games Riverside Homebase CP 7:15pm All
Tuesday 3rd July Pioneering Old clothes HQ PB
Tuesday 10th July Den Building @ Dog Wood Old clothes & Neckers HQ All
Tuesday 17th july Last meeting before summer hols

Water fight!  - Bring water pistols

Old clothes plus something to change or a black bin bag. Homebase CP All


Some activities may be swapped or changed, keep watching this space.

Many thanks,

Paul, Anna & David


Uniform definitions

Normal uniform Scout shirt or Polo shirt with necker, Jeans /Shorts /Trousers plus shoes / boots / trainers / etc

No tracksuit bottoms  no open toe sandals or flip flops

Smart uniform Well ironed Scout shirt, ironed necker, school trousers / skirt, polished school shoes
Old clothes / just necker Whatever you want, taking into account the activities we may be doing. But you'll still need your necker.

More notices:

Scouting Memorial Project Badge available

The Scouting Memorial Project is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of "Remembrance". It aims to raise funds to build and maintain a Scouting memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum  to remember those who have given service to Scouting and their communities, especially those members of Scouting who have suffered through conflict.

This badge is classed as an 'Occasional' badge and can be worn on the uniform until our County Commissioner deems the cause spent. We are looking at least 12 months probably for longer, then it can go on your camp blankets.

There is also a memorial pin badge.

Cloth badges are £2 and Pins are £3 each. There is no obligation to have or to wear one.

If you would like one of these badges / pins please contact Colin. I will place an order when I know how many to order.



Parents - A letter was sent home on the last meeting before last Easter. If you didn't receive it you'll find a copy here.  (Opens as .pdf)


If you can spare 2 hours on any section night please consider either becoming a Section assistant (uniform - optional, minimal training) or becoming a Leader or Assistant Leader (uniform and full training).

Beavers could do with 2 or 3 leaders or Section Assistants (SA's) to help spread the load. This takes pressure off the 3 leaders we have, one of who is stepping down this summer.

Cubs and Scouts could use another Leader or Section Assistant each.

Explorers could do with another leader this section of 14 - 18 year olds has really grown in the last 2 years.

Please contact Paul 07803 015344 or email paul.bennett@ledburyscoutgroup.org.uk for more information or to volunteer. I was asked to help by a Scout leader over 8 years ago, and I'm still there so it can't be that bad!

All training is free and will help you in other areas outside Scouting.

Paul Bennett - Group Scout leader



A new online shop has been setup through Online Scout Manager. They sell camping equipment and other useful item for Scouts. With Christmas on the way it may be a good place to look for those gifts and stocking fillers. The best part is that 10% of all money spent will go back to Ledbury Scouts. See here for more http://store.onlinescoutmanager.co.uk/?g=5701





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